Bangkok’s Super CBD Fully-Furnished!

The New Interpretation of City Living

BEB Silom Condolette harbors new yet comforting ideas of living in the city with combination of practical interior design and charming decorative accents and communion spaces that feel more like home than living in a condo. Living at BEB Silom Condolette offers both practicality and agility that suit every one, be it a business professional, a compact family, digital nomads, digital freelancers or whoever needs to stay alive in the city and love exploring Bangkok’s real things.

The Room : Our ideology design for peaceful living

Living in the heart of the city doesn’t always mean living in a tiny little space. Each of our uniquely decorated room offers spacious 40 sq.m2 with one cosy and peaceful bedroom that rivitalises your energy.

Living Quarter that’s meant Home

Our guests are family and we want them to be at home at any time. Quality time at home means everything hence the relaxing living quarter that aims to neutralize your city trap syndrome. So be at home in our restful yet sociable living room whenever you like it.

Shared Kitchen : Enrich the craving soul

Having friends around or entertain only for yourself, not a problem. Do enjoy big cookings or amicable day-to-day breaks with a full-functioned kitchen that no other places can give.

Private Storage Rooms

Put away your belonging in your private spacious closet with your personal key.

Laundry Room

Dedicated laundry room that equipped with cloth drying machines. All yours to use freely.

Sky Deck

Open space on the top floor to breathe in and out.